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The film making process

From filming to screening: The film making process

Films and movies have a very huge role in shaping society and their impact extends beyond the thrill in a movie theater. Films have been known to change people’s attitude on a subject, to bring attention to
areas in society that have been neglected, to spark revolutions against oppressive regimes, to invoke innovation and to educate the masses in such a way like no other media can.
This importance of movies makes the film making process a very important task in society that has the
power to bring forth a product that can have deep impact in society for generations.

How is a film made?
The making of a film is an intricate process that can take several months to complete. Filmmakers are the people in charge of the whole making movies and filming process but various stages of film making require various specialists.

1.Development Stage
The first stage in any film making process begins with the development stage. In this stage, the general plot is developed and a script is written for the film. This is usually the hardest stage as it involves the development of a film from scratch and having to secure the funding for the project.

This stage involves the selection of a suitable movie crew, from the directors to the producers(Filmproduksjon) and then the actors. The producers are usually in charge of auditioning for the actors but the director makes the final call. The location of filming is a crucial factor in this stage. In some instances, the set of the film has to be constructed from the ground up which can be quite tedious and costly.

This is the stage in which the actual filming takes place. It involves very many people, from the directors to the sound editors to the script supervisors. The director and his assistants are in charge of this process and instruct the actors on how to do the shots. This stage can take a long time as it involves traveling from location to location for filming.

4.Post Production
This stage involves the editing of the film(marius loland). Sound effects are added at this stage where necessary. Music is composed and recorded at this stage and added to the film. Most movies also carry out a test screening at this stage where a few select people watch the film and recommend any amendments if necessary.

This stage involves the release of the film into theaters and cinemas for the people to enjoy. Any promotional advertising is done at this stage. It is the final stage.

After the completion of these stages, the film(Reklamefilm) is ready for watching and it begins its duty of entertaining, informing, educating and inspiring.